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So you want the MozCation to come to the East of England in 2012 – but you’re not sure how? EASY! Read on for our top 3 ways of showing everyone how awesome you are.

Roger Helps Out at MozCation 2012

That’s not quite the help we were looking for Roger…

1) Share and Share Alike

Go out, spread the world – shout from the rooftops, get on your soapbox, write letters, smoke signals… if only there was a way to get the message out sooner… Social media! Take to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIN – anything. Let everyone know about the MozCation 2012 East of England bid and why SEOmoz needs to spend their vacation here.

Tweets are important, they’re like gold coins, or cookies, possibly even golden cookies! And as you’d expect we want as many as we can, so here’s the tweet button, go on send us a golden cookie!

2) Twibbon

Add the Twibbon to your display picture, but not just on Twitter and Facebook, on Gavatar on your forum avatars, profile pictures and anything else you can think of.

MozCation UK Twibbon

Right click and select “Save As”

And here it is in action:

Twibbon Example

Probably not the best example…

3) Add Content

What makes a great page – content. We all know this, but let’s show everyone out there what we’re made of. If you’ve got any images you want to add, any anecdotes on the local area, awesome places to visit we want to hear about them!

Image credit to Keith Evans.

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