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MozCation 2012 Winners

SEOmoz’s announcement of the winners of MozCation 2012 was a bitter-sweet event. Bitter, because the East of England entry was not successful, but sweet because it stood alongside an array of awesome and creative efforts from all over the globe.

If this year is anything to go by MozCation will only get bigger hereon. From a modest number of entrants in 2011 to the plethora of cities all vying for the attention over the past four weeks; the uptake and growth has been impressive and only shows signs of growing more and more in the future.

A big thanks to everyone that supported the East of England entry, and whilst it wasn’t enough to displace the efforts from Portsmouth, NH, Milwaukee, WI and Cape Town, South Africa it does show that there is a community of SEOs and digital marketing professionals tucked away in our little corner of the UK.

Next year we’ll just have to shout even louder!

MozCation 2013?

What could be planned for the next entry? Well, the next year will be spent searching for new and creative ways of displaying how awesome this part of the country is, but there will no doubt be more time spent photoshopping Roger into images and “QA” testing the local drinking establishments – just to make sure everything is still top-notch of course!

MozCation 2012 – The Great Pubs of Ipswich

So why would you want to visit Ipswich? Beside some glib answer like “why wouldn’t you? haw-haw…” there are some great examples of great British pubs to be found – because you’d want the authentic experience right?

The Fat Cat

The Fat Cat, there aren’t many pubs like this one around any more. We start here first as it is the furthest from the town centre. One of the finest “real ale” pubs you’re likely to find, they carry a wide range of beers brewed around the country, from golden summer ale’s which are light and refreshing to pitch-black stouts and porters that almost taste like burning building (it’s an acquired taste!). The atmosphere in here is as laid back as they come, pull up a stool and join in with the locals, or if you’re hungry go grab a table and order in a takeaway – they don’t mind, heck they’ll even provide the plates and cutlery for you!

Roger at the Fat Cat Mozcation

The Dove

Despite it’s location near the new University/College Campus, the Dove manages to pull in fellow drinkers of all types and ages! A wide range of beers to indulge in, from fancy European lagers to a good ol’ pint of local best. Promoting the grass roots beer movement even more, the owners have just opened their own brewery shop next door – Nothing tastes more satisfying than your own home-brewed beer!

P J McGinty’s

You can probably tell by the name that McGinty’s isn’t a typical “British” pub, although the Irish façade and bar-maids goes a long way to providing a thoroughly “warming” drinking experience. You can expect to enjoy a pint of Guinness or perhaps one of their Guinness cocktails (just add Champaign, or Port – trust me, things get pretty epic from thereon). As well as the drinking, McGinty’s also plays host to regular live music and screening sports outside in their courtyard – where they’ve even opened the bar out onto so you have less distance to walk to get your next round!

Roger at Isaac's

The green chimney is from the old Kiln – you can sit in there!


A more modern pub offering, but what a setting! Isaac’s sites on Ipswich’s newly renovated quay side, where you can look out over the boats, the sparkling waters and watch the world go by. The building itself is a an old Maltings building, with parts dating back to the 15th century – so that’s a beautiful building with some of the best views Ipswich has to offer.

The Swan

An old favourite for many of the town’s residence, the Swan is one of the most central pubs in town and has itself a reputation for being host to gigs of some of the best up and coming bands in the country. The walls are covered in vinyl and posters and other eccentric additions giving the place a unique feel. Even when there isn’t a band or a DJ set the pub rarely feels dead with some stalwart regulars dutifully propping up the bar.

So there you have it! Some of the best places to drink within Ipswich and just part of the rich tapestry of the East of England!

Roger Pub

Image credit to BeermiesterTim Marchant

MozCation 2012 – Cambridge

It doesn’t get more prestigious than this, the University City which contains all the history and grandeur that you could ever want or need. Not only does it have one of the world’s best universities, it also has some of the most striking historic centres of any city you could hope to find.

On a lighter note, it’s famous for Punting – anywhere which is known for Punting has to be good, right?

Roger in Cambrige for Mozcation

Image by Andrew Sharpe

MozCation 2012 – Norwich

Ah Norwich, the stomping ground of Stephen Fry, cultural hub of East Anglia and (here it is again) home of rural Britain. But beyond that Norwich is an historic city which also is the HQ for the BBC operating out of the region and home to the University of East Anglia (UEA), a city where the past and future collide… sort of.

Roger in Norwich for Mozcation


Image my Martin Pettitt.

MozCation 2012 – Ipswich

Not quite as old as Colchester (but still getting on a bit!), Ipswich is part of the beating agricultural heart of the region. Besides that Ipswich has its football (soccer) team, the Tractor Boys, and its own version of San tropez by the quay side– oh la la!

Roger in Ipswich for Mozcation


Image by Tim Marchant.

MozCation 2012 – Colchester

Colchester, the oldest recorded town in the UK. How old? Well how does AD 79 sound? In real terms it means that it’s the best part of 2,000 years since it was built, knocked down and then built again! Home to the University of Essex, Colchester is a vibrant multi-cultural town which is only a stone’s throw from our great capital.

Roger in Colchester for Mozcation


Image by David Hawgood