Chris and Roger, sitting in a tree...MozCation East of England entry has been created by Chris Green, a budding SEO/search marketeer based out of Suffolk. A long-time writer, gamer, (over)thinker and tinkerer of websites.

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Special Thanks to:

Fashion Illustration and Graphic Design by Kassie Berry

Kassie Berry - For creating the header image, she says it was nothing and it only took only 5 minutes, but that was still spent helping out here rather than doing more important things.

She’s an awesome graphic designer and fashion illustrator, please take a look at her blog, there’s some great work on there.


High PositionHigh Position  – Colchester based online marketing agency that’s been established long enough to remember what Alta Vista and Lycos were!

A long history of SEO successes followed by diversification and expansion into PPC, CRO, SMO and web design. If you can think of any more acronyms, chances are they’ll specialise in that too, some day.


Coast Digital

Coast Digital – Another long-running Colchester based agency that has been quick to ensure they stay ahead of the curve in the world of digital media.



Addition thanks goes to: Rise Marketing, Red Alien

Of course much love to everyone who has helped support the entry through retweets, sharing creative contributions and humouring Chris just the right amount when needed (which is a fair amount of the time).

About Chris

Chris Green is an SEO/digital marketeer and creative copywriter based in the East of England, a recent addition to High Position and a part-time beard enthusiast.